vineri, 19 aprilie 2013

Copy/paste from/to MyMachine/VMWareESXGuest

I can't imagine what the VMWare developer who "forgot" to beatify us  with copy/paste superhuman power between local machine and esx infrastructure can have in mind. Especially this issue is maintained over a lot of versions past.
I know you can find the solution maybe in about 10000 places over the internet, but, from my point of view, this issue is so annoying, that i wish to have the solution on every single web site on the net. Of course, not quite on every one, if you understand, but almost like.

Select the virtual machine and click the Summary tab.
Click Edit Settings.
Navigate to Options > Advanced > General and click Configuration Parameters.
Click Add Row and type the following values in the Name and Value columns: – false – false

I know, the above text is not about Oracle or Linux, but, you're agree with me, there is no dba nowadays not using virtualisation.

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