miercuri, 23 octombrie 2013

Linux: How to ls order by size

You know, i am sure, about the lack of a command that can list the content of a partition or a folder, arranged by size and displaying the size of every single subfolder or file found in the path.

Well, your salvation is (be aware, the ">" sign is the command prompt):

>  alias dfs='du -sk * | sort -n | perl -ne '\''($s,$f)=split(m{\t});for (qw(K M G)) {if($s<1024) {printf("%.1f",$s);print "$_\t$f"; last};$s=$s/1024}'\'

and then:

>  cd director_name
>  dfs

Don't forget about the user rights over the folders, it has a total impact on the command, you will not receive any information about a folder you are not entitled to read.

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