joi, 6 februarie 2014

When you relocate Putty and WinSCP

Are you on  a machine that doesn't have putty or winscp, and after their installation, you're frustrated about all the machines in the current  configuration?
It's pretty easy to copy the configurations alog. Take a look:

On the original machine, go to


Exporting Your PuTTy Configuration

Putty stores its settings in the Windows registry. To save a backup of your Putty settings, you'll need to export this registry key to a file. 


click on SimonTatham name, than Click File->Export and save it as a file *.reg

Copy the file on the source machine and right click -> Merge than confirm by clicking <yes> ant this is all.
Your good old configuration is replicated.

Now WinSCP.

Open the login window and click Tools>>Import and you'll see all the machines from the Putty configuration (see above).
Check all, click OK and enjoy!

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